Grow Mobility scraps Yellow app, combines rentals with Grin and Rappi platforms

grow mobility scraps yellow app, combines rentals with grin and rappi platforms
grow mobility scraps yellow app, combines rentals with grin and rappi platforms

Contxto – As per usual, changes are afoot at Grow. The mobility startup was born from the January 2019 merger of its Mexican and Brazilian outfits, Grin and Yellow. While last week saw the release of Grin Prime, Yellow recently announced that it will phase out its application altogether.

So, Yellow is now Grin?

What this means is that rather than ordering a Yellow bicycle or scooter from its former proprietary app, now they will only be available over Grin’s app. 

Going forward, Yellow mobility units will be available over Grin Prime, on which Yellow will also maintain its e-wallet features. All the while, both apps’ scooters will be on Rappi—the Colombian last-mile delivery company. 

And yet, adding to this merger mishmash, Grin will maintain its own platform, as it intends to fortify its presence within its native Mexican market and beyond. Meanwhile, Yellow will stick to Brazil. However, since Grin merged with Ride—another Brazilian scooter app—back in 2018 it has one competitor less to worry about.

“The exclusivity will be temporary and after that period Yellow scooters can again be used by the Grin app,” said Grow Mobility in a statement. “The goal is to strengthen the Grin brand, which is already present in all seven countries where Grow has operations, unlike Yellow, which only operates in Brazil.”

New rental features

In plain English, this is how the new rental arrangement will play out:

  • Grin: Over this app’s expanding platforms, users can look forward to renting Yellow bicycles and Grin scooters. More so, users will reportedly be able to retain Yellow’s e-wallet features. 
  • Yellow: Discontinued—though its scooters will eventually be available over Grin, but don’t hold your breath; no date has been disclosed.
  • Rappi: Yellow and Grin scooters will be visible alongside the app’s plethora of other items.

All this upheaval masks a very simple truth: Yellow and Grin, despite their different colors, are now basically the same thing.


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