Brazilian VC monashees intends to raise US$250 million for its sixth fund

Contxto – Earlier, a Reuters report surfaced that Brazilian VC firm monashees will be raising US$250 million to grow investments in Latin American startups. While monashees hasn’t formally announced or confirm this news, this could be an important milestone for the group.

In Summary 

Eric Acher and Fabio Igel founded the São Paulo-based VC firm in 2005. Since then, famous startups within its growing portfolio include delivery gurus such as Rappi and Loggi, mobility giant Grow, as well as fintech Neon

Sectors supported by monashees span from adtech, agrotech, data analytics, e-commerce, edtech, fintech, healthtech, IoT, logistics, SaaS, to urban mobility.

Within Latin America, monashees works with startups from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico. There are also companies from Israel, Portugal, and the United States from outside the region. 


Over the years, monashees has made 99 startup investments, according to CrunchBase. From this amount, the VC fund led 26 of these deals. 

The most recent startup to receive funding from monashees was Nowports when it raised US$5.3 million in June. It also recently participated in a US$12 million funding round for Colombian e-commerce and agrotech startup, Frubana

monashees also organized its fifth fund worth US$150 million last year in November. At the time, this was the largest amount of capital it ever procured, having raised over US$430 million across funds.

Safe to say that this VC firm outdid itself once again, proving to be one of the most active not to mention solvent resources for Latin American entrepreneurs. All the while, the regional startup ecosystem is steadily growing and becoming more sophisticated.

Other startups under monashees‘s wing include Loft, Mandae, Weel, Ualá, Satellogic, DogHero, Liftit, and ADDI.


Jacob Atkins
Jacob Atkins is a journalist specializing in Latin America. He studied journalism and international relations at American University in Washington, D.C. and has previously reported from Chile, Ecuador, Haiti and Mexico. When he isn't writing he's most likely hiking or drawing.


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