Quero Educação invests US$4.9 million in fellow Brazilian edtech, Melhor Escola

quero educação invests us$4.9 million in fellow brazilian edtech, melhor escola
quero educação invests us$4.9 million in fellow brazilian edtech, melhor escola

Contxto – Ah, nothing warms my heart like seeing startups invest in other startups, especially when the beneficiaries are students. What am I talking about? Why, just last Friday, the Brazilian startup Quero Educação announced an investment of R$20 million (over US$4.9 million) in fellow edtech, Melhor Escola.

Meaning “best school” in Portuguese, Melhor Escola is an online education platform based in São Paulo. This startup will use funds to integrate into Quero Educação’s flagship product, Quero Bolsa, an educational marketplace for financial aid.

Growth plans

Translated as “I want education” in Portuguese, Quero Educação is an educational marketing startup seeking to match institutions with students’ needs. This explains its interest in Melhor Escola’s search engine. Though this educational integration, everyone benefits.

Based on these funds, around 3,000 schools and 12,000 elementary, middle and high school classes will be integrated into Melhor Escola’s database. Moreover, there are plans to beef up Melhor Escola’s operations. For example, Quero Educação seeks to triple the number of partner schools in 2020 and from there, onward.

“The goal is to make Melhor Escola grow 50 times over the next four years, a result achieved by Quero Educação with other products,” said Roger Garcia, Director of New Business Technology at Quero Educação.

Brazilian school search engine

Melhor Escola is a platform that, according to its website, is Brazil’s largest school search engine. Reportedly, there are over 193,000 educational institutions registered. 

Thanks to the platform, users can find vital school-related information. This ranges from tuition, enrollment numbers, pictures, as well as available amenities and services. Plus, people can also rate schools and provide valuable insight to others. 

If scholarships are of interest, Melhor Escola also displays awards and discounts on behalf of its registered partnering institutions. As we’ve recently learned, we’ll be seeing more of these partnerships following the investment.


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