Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

SoftBank considers US$230 million investment in Creditas

Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Contxto – Following recent investments in Clip and Rappi, SoftBank returns to the headlines. This time, the Japanese conglomerate is presumably strategizing with Brazilian startup, Creditas, over a US$230 million investment.

In Summary

If things come into fruition, the megafund will supposedly carry out the investment in a split between two of its funds. Based on reports, both the Vision Fund and the Innovation Fund will contribute equal amounts.

However, nothing about this joint investment has been formalized. Everything is still speculative since SoftBank may not commit to the deal altogether, according to Bloomberg.

While both SoftBank and Creditas declined to disclose any information, we nevertheless reached out to Creditas to learn more about the case. We’re still waiting for more details.


Creditas is a fintech startup from Sao Paulo, Brazil. According to the company, it offers loans with lower than average interest rates, reaching only 25 percent of what Brazilian banks charge. It has a default rate of less than one percent, according to Endeavor. Impressive, I must say.

According to Creditas website, it has already issued around US$125 million in loans since its 2012 inception. To date, Creditas has raised a total of US$63.4 million in two rounds taking place in 2017.

Its current cap table is comprised of investors such as Banco Santander SA’s InnoVentures, Amadeus Capital Partners, Quona Capital and Vostok Emerging Finance.C

We’ll find out more about the deal, so stay tuned.

softbank considers us0 million investment in creditas


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