Mexican bakery—the world’s biggest—wanted more Chile in its Latam ops, so its accelerating Bork

Mexican Bakery—the World’s Biggest—wanted More Chile In Its Latam Ops, So Its Accelerating Bork Mexican Bakery—the World’s Biggest—wanted More Chile In Its Latam Ops, So Its Accelerating Bork
Mexico Bimbo Accelerating Chilean Bork

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Contxto – The Chilean data startup, Bork, has been accepted into the Bakelab acceleration program. Now, the startup will implement, and therefore expand, their data processing efficiency tools all the way to Paraguay and Colombia.

It will do so hand in hand with the biggest bakery in the world, Mexico’s—unfortunately named—Bimbo.

Bork is a startup that focuses on companies in need of improving their processes and management.

They achieve this through process mining, data mining, data management testing, and bots for data trawling. They also work on the most popular must-have tech of 2020 for any data company: Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Wait, but what does this have to do with bread baking?

Bork, Bakelab, and Bimbo’s baking what?

Although it might sound complicated at first sight, let me give you a little background:

In case you didn’t know, Grupo Bimbo is the world’s biggest bakery and it was founded in Latin America—in Mexico, to be specific. Today they are present in 32 countries across four continents. So, it’s kind of a big deal for Bork to strike a collaboration with them.

Meanwhile, Bakelab is a venture accelerator created by Grupo Bimbo, seeking innovation and technological disruption that could expand their portfolio, generate better, more efficient, environmentally sound products to better serve their consumers. Enter Bork.

Bakelab puts Latin American growth in the oven

With this acceleration process, Bork will be implementing their solutions to the supply and demand chain management for Grupo Bimbo’s operations in Colombia and Paraguay. 

Note that this is only the acceleration program’s pilot. As of now, what they’re doing is validating their technology. It is a crucial stage in order to evaluate if there is likely to be a long term collaboration between the Chilean startup and the bread giant. 

We are seeing here is a sign of a maturing Latin American entrepreneurial ecosystem.

It is a Mexican corporate accelerator deploying a Chilean startup as a vehicle for expansion in Colombia and Paraguay.

And, speaking of maturing ecosystems, it’s always good to hear about underestimated countries such as Paraguay in a company’s ambitious expansion plans—both in terms of scale and tech. Even if this is just a pilot program.

Let’s not forget that Yaigo—a delivery platform—has also been quite excited for their Paraguayan launch as of late too. 

Hopefully, this could translate into a driver of economic momentum for the country. But as always, only time will tell, and of course we’ll keep you updated.

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