Contxto – This September, it appears as though Rappi has finally implemented a few partial solutions to its controversial track record among workers, regionally known as Rappitenderos. 

Pit stops

In its native Colombia, the super app introduced pit stops for its employees. With this, now they can safely park their vehicles, await orders, rest, charge cellphones, grab a bite to eat or simply freshen up. Rappi reportedly invested about COP$600 million (approximately US$178,000) to make this possible. We previously reported US$500 million, but this now has been updated.

As of right now, there are four pit stops situated in some of Rappi’s most frequented areas. These include the neighborhoods of Rosales, Chicó and Chapinero Park. For the company, this is just part of improving its services and business model. 

“We know that innovating and undertaking with a disruptive business model generates many challenges,” said Juan Sebastián Rozo, Director of Rappi Public Affairs for the Andean Region. “That is why we are constantly creating new solutions.”

For the development of these pit stops, we have been working with local authorities to make this project a reality. We invite all Rappitenderos to use and, above all, take care of these spaces in a responsible manner and that together we can generate a positive change for the city.

Juan Sebastián Rozo, Director of Rappi Public Affairs for the Andean Region

Moving forward, these pit stops will be open from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m. with staff on-site to supervise operations. Fitting between 30 to 50 people, the unicorn intends to wrap up the year with 20. Outside of Bogotá, these will also be Medellín, Cali, as well as Barranquilla.

Ábaco partnership 

Another recent service for Rappintenderos includes Rappi’s partnership with Ábaco, a financial advisor for freelance contractors. Based on this alliance, now delivery drivers have access to 2,000 microcredits ranging from approximately US$30 to US$1,480. 

Allegedly, they will have more access to gasoline discounts, spare parts, vehicle maintenance, as well as financial education opportunities. 

According to Portfolio, this development is a result of a recent survey among 4,000 Rappitenderos. Based on the responses, many expressed a desire for improved support. This entailed improved access to investments, discounts for motorcycle or bicycle purchases, in addition to online education.

Recent controversies

While Rappi has seemingly responded to legal pressure from workers following protests, customer issues still persist. Between April and October 2018, the last-mile delivery startup received over 750,000 complaints.

Allegations range from the misuse of customer information, failure to comply with promotions or offers, not to mention double-charges for certain orders.

On top of this all, certain countries like Argentina have even banned Rappi and other delivery startups from operating until they address safety concerns.