3 startups bringing tech to the “new normal” in Latin America

Countries across Latin America are relying on technology to pull through the new normal.
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Contxto – As the world steadily enters the new normal, the use of technology will only increase. Because we must refrain from engaging in physical contact, applications will have to do the heavy-lifting in a lot of activities and across multiple industries.

Accordingly, startups from Latin America are rolling out solutions to help us soft-land into this new contactless reality.

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Entu (Colombia)

Despite all the video conference systems in the world, many of us still long for the in-person experience of sharing a couple of beers with our friends at the local pub.

To help minimize contagion in these locations and restaurants, Entu from Colombia developed a system to serve as a digital waiter, take orders, grant the WiFi password, among other functions. 

The system’s most user-friendly aspect is that people don’t have to download an app. The platform works when the person scans a QR code at the table within the partnering establishment.

Legalario (Mexico)

Physical paper? Gross. That may have unwelcome pathogens on it. So instead, legaltech Legalario offers an alternative. Through virtual contracts and e-signatures, it wants to invest documents with legal validity to be signed and made effective—without the actual physical paperwork.

Through machine learning and biometrics, its platform can validate signatures and identities to ensure everything is in order.

And because businesses have been scrambling to close deals despite social-distancing, they’ve been turning to Legalario. The startup’s reported 1,000 percent increase in demand throughout the pandemic provides evidence of this.

Cosmic (Colombia)

When it comes to mobility, Latin America’s high levels of reliance on public transportation is a major problem that’s only worsened with the pandemic. Being stuffed into a crowded bus or subway is the perfect way to catch Covid-19.

Consequently, private transport and micro-mobility may prove to be a safer alternative.

In that regard, Colombia-based Cosmic offers users a platform to lease their own cars, bikes, e-bikes, or e-scooters should they need some extra cash. Meanwhile, users benefit from finding the right type of vehicle to rent.

Naturally, the startup ensures its vehicles and fleets comply with the necessary hygiene protocols to ensure they’re Covid-free.

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