The Chilean technology company Valuelist is approaching its goal of closing a USD$750,000 financing round.

Based on Software as a Service (SaaS), their platform helps organize various financial assets, including deposits, stocks, cryptocurrencies, real estate, and vehicles.

Recently, Valuelist startup announced a USD $ 600,000 investment from Synapse, a technology company based in Boston, United States.

Hernán Alvarado, co-founder and CEO of Valuelist, points out that this capital will strengthen the platform’s technological proposition.

This tool allows real-time visualization and monitoring of investment operations, primarily used by the high-net-worth sector, including financial advisors and multi-family offices.

“The idea is for it to be a globally accessible platform, specifically towards Latin America, with new functionalities and adaptations requested by the clients we are working with today”.

“For example, achieving the platform’s ability to adapt to the user’s currency or the adaptation of other modules such as insurance. Also, achieving greater integration with multifamily offices and the systems they work with,” explained Alvarado.

In addition to providing advanced monitoring features, the platform uses Artificial Intelligence to gather relevant information and enhance asset protection.

Since its founding in 2021, Valuelist has established collaborations with five multifamily offices with users in countries like Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador.

“This year, we have moved to bill USD$20,000 monthly; last year, it was USD$5,000. The projection towards 2024 is much higher; we easily project three or four times growth, even more. That will depend on the number of users we bring to the platform,” revealed the entrepreneur.

The amount of assets currently being monitored is approximately USD$2,000 million.

Regarding the closing of the financing round, Alvarado anticipates that it will be finalized this month and reveals they are already in discussions with new investors to reach the USD$750,000 goal.