Meet the disruptive Latin American startups from Y Combinator’s Summer 2020 Batch

Meet The Disruptive Latin American Startups From Y Combinator’s Summer 2020 Batch Meet The Disruptive Latin American Startups From Y Combinator’s Summer 2020 Batch
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ContxtoY Combinator’s 15-year anniversary has been unusual, if not a very memorable one. Amidst the biggest health crisis of the twenty-first century, this world-renowned accelerator is remotely preparing its latest batch, among which, are startups from Latin America.

Were organizers worried about this shift to operate at a distance? Certainly not. An accelerator like YC can be just as nimble as the startups it receives. But don’t take my word for it:

If there’s one constant over the last 15 years, it is change; YC is constantly experimenting and evolving to adapt to founders’ needs,” said Michael Seibel, CEO at YC.

With 2020 calling for companies to be more agile than ever, it’s exciting to imagine the numerous endeavors these Latam startups (and the whole batch, really) will achieve in the future.

Meet The Disruptive Latin American Startups From Y Combinator’s Summer 2020 Batch



For many employees “business trip” is synonymous with splurging given “the company is footing the bill.” But isibit wants to change that. Through its platform, businesses can designate their travel policy and monitor spending. Simultaneously, workers are incentivized to make cost-effective decisions.

It’s a win-win for everyone… except for the hotels and their overpriced snacks.

This proptech is putting the process of buying or selling your house on speed. Through iBuying, the startup buys, flips, and then resells a property. It’s a way of disrupting the clunky and slow real estate process that still plagues the market in Mexico.


Youngbloods need financial education too and through Mozper it’s possible! Thanks to the fintech, parents can provide their children with a debit card to learn how to best manage their money. Where was this type of product when I was a kid?

Parrot Software

The software for restaurants of the digital age. Parrot helps restaurants migrate their systems to their own platform in order to bring up those businesses to the latest technologies, like automates sales, cost reduction, and cloud services.


Orchata is an online grocery e-commerce that caters to local businesses; fresh produce, meat products, and seafood. Got to keep it fresh! That’s why this Mexican startup automates and unifies much of what is often spread across multiple channels.


Todos Comemos

No one, regardless of where you live, should experience hunger. And this is the ethos at Todos Comemos. When you order food through the startup, you make a donation for the amount of your choice to feed a family. Even better, Todos Comemos pitches an additional seven percent of the value of the sale.

So enjoy your meal, and do some good in the process. 



Entrepreneurs and influencers acknowledge the importance of connecting and interacting with potential customers, they just need the right place for it. Through ChatPay, they can build and interact with others on exclusive groups via WhatsApp or Telegram to monetize in a more efficient way.

Conta Simples

Let’s be honest. Traditional banks aren’t known for welcoming SMEs and freelancers with open arms. But these professionals and businesses need financial services too. That’s why Conta Simples, wants to provide them with corporate credit cards, internet banking solutions, to name a few.


If the definition of a worthy startup is nimbleness, then Oico is most definitely one. Brazilian entrepreneurs, Pedro Dellagnelo and Pedro Rocha, saw that the construction materials market still had a big brick and mortar approach in need of updating.

So, amidst a pandemic, they launched their marketplace with four months of operating, and they’ve already closed an investment for US$1.5 million. Round participants included MAYA CapitalFJ Labs, as well as a few unnamed angels.


GitDuck is a video call tool built for developers that enables them to talk, share their code, and do pair programming with ease. An ideal tool for programmers since it is optimized for real-time code sharing, not for a grid of high-resolution videos like Zoom’s.


Tango Builder

Construction companies cannot skimp out on a building’s structural design. But they don’t want to overspend either.

Thanks to Tango Builder’s algorithms, engineers and contractors are a few clicks away from obtaining a structural design that fits the architectural layout, the building’s intended location and materials.


“We have an ambitious goal,” says Martin Borchardt, Founder and CEO at Henry. “We want to become the biggest development hub in all of Latam, by enhancing people’s digital skills regardless of their socioeconomic status.”

Henry does this by screening through applicants. Those that are chosen to participate will partake in its bootcamp program to become full-stack developers. The startup only charges alumni once they’ve graduated and landed a job (preferably in software development) that complies with the startup’s basic income bracket. 


Plunzo allows Latin American businesses to connect all their bank accounts to a single UI and automate their banking tasks. Simple as that!



With Chilean Justo, restaurants build their digital presence and delivery system without compromising their profits to third-party food delivery platforms. Because for this startup, what matters is doing what is just for restaurants.


Blissway is a tolling technology that replaces the current hardware-heavy, software-lite Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) architecture—windshield transponders and gantries—with the smartphone in everyone’s pocket and miniaturized road-level license plate reading cameras.

For road operators. Blissway doesn’t reduce demand like conventional toll tech but organizes it, which increases vehicle throughput and eradicates rush-hour congestion. For drivers. A shorter, more reliable commute in which you’re only charged per minute of effective saved time as compared to general-purpose lane drivers.



Panamanian public data in one place. Panadata gathers the most important consultation sites in an easy and friendly way on a single platform. It provides alternatives for searching and managing public information that traditional sites do not offer. If you are a lawyer, compliance agent, or have investments in Panama, Panadata is your startup.

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Keep up to Date with Latin American VC, Startups News