Agtech from Colombia (beta)

Agtech From Colombia (beta) Agtech From Colombia (beta)
agtech from colombia (beta)

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Contxto – Agriculture in a country as ecologically diverse as Colombia is a challenge worth taking. Add to that the massive complexity of dealing with an extreme, disjointed supply chain.

Agriculture is often exposed to outdoor risks (increasing with climate change). Long distances (compounded to often flimsy connectivity in Colombia). And, even longer turnover rates (production is seasonal and you can’t change the way food grows… Or can you?). 

All of this makes agtech in Colombia a breeding ground for innovation and growth.

Agtech From Colombia (beta)

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Agtech in Colombia

Data analysis in the vastness of the American continent often requires unusual tech. Therefore, Advector has created intelligent drones to both map out large amounts of data in areas that would be tough to reach for us two-legged primates. 

Closer to home, financial services are also an essential part of agriculture because turnover is far from immediate. Farmers must calculate seasonally and if anything goes wrong they could face ruin.

For this reason, many financial institutions do not lend so freely to agricultural workers who aren’t the usual agro mega-corporations. 

Agrapp does just the opposite. It provides a platform to raise collaborative funding, bringing far-flung communities together in tech and solidarity. On the other end of the spectrum, Agroune allows anyone to invest in specific agricultural projects—apparently at low risk, according to the startup. 

However, things can and do go wrong, which is why insurtech is just as important as fintech. This is where Innterra comes in. The startup manages risks and helps farms develop mitigation strategies.

Further up the supply chain are logistics and e-commerce. Services that would otherwise make getting distant crops to their consumers an impossible feat.

Add all these disparate agro-sectors together and what have you get an agtech like CurubaTech. A budding agrotech super-app in the making. Although they call themselves an agrosocial fintech, they are really a broad platform, managing data all through the product’s lifetime, from seed to supermarket.

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