Startup Dynamics launches its second edition to boost business efficiency of startups in LatAm

An unparalleled opportunity for emerging companies in Latin America looking to reach the next level in the business world.
Startup Dynamics latin america
Support sought for 300 Latin American startups | Photo: Pexels

Startup Dynamics, a promising initiative, has once again opened its doors, seeking startups in Latin America eager to embark on a journey of business efficiency improvement. And the best part: it’s entirely free.

Currently, 300 slots are available for regional startups wishing to dive deep into the introspection of their operations and gain detailed insights into their critical business efficiency and internal management indicators.

The business landscape is shifting. Now more than ever, investors are demanding higher operational efficiency from startups. In the face of this escalating expectation, many startups find themselves at a crossroads, exploring various operational models to meet these demands and, ultimately, secure vital investments.

Answering this challenge, Rebelius, in collaboration with renowned institutions like Prenseable, CIC International Soft Landing Miami, and Startups Latam, has rolled out the second edition of Startup Dynamics. This is an unparalleled opportunity for emerging businesses to identify and capitalize on improvement areas within their operations.

Rebelius’ CEO, Fernando Brierley, conveyed the study’s commitment:

“Our goal is to provide startup founders in Latin America with the tools and insights to optimize their teams and processes. We also offer a thorough assessment in areas like team engagement, internal management, growth, and efficiency.”

Startup Dynamics’ focus is clear: to assist startups in reflecting and evaluating their operations. Through the study, Rebelius aims to guide businesses in acknowledging their strengths and improvement areas. Moreover, it offers valuable benchmarking against other regional companies, allowing startups to understand their stance in the Latin American business ecosystem.

Hans Goecke, CEO of Prenseable, emphasized the importance of this study in the current context:

“We’ve witnessed the downfall of numerous startups over the past half-decade. However, with initiatives like Startup Dynamics, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. These companies have the chance to pinpoint shortcomings, learn from them, and strengthen their foundations for an expansive future.”

The previous study of Startup Dynamics managed to attract 120 startups, making it one of the most extensive analyses of its kind in Latin America. This new edition has added questions centered on how startups integrate artificial intelligence and gauge team engagement.

For those startups with more than ten interested members, they’ll need to act quickly: the deadline for participation is November 3rd.

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