Grupago’s mission, initiated in October 2023, addresses the critical financing gap faced by small business owners throughout Latin America—a sector making up 90% of businesses and contributing to nearly one-third of the GDP, yet suffering from an 87% unmet credit need.

Fintechs and traditional lenders have historically struggled to service this market due to operational challenges in reaching, underwriting, and collecting from micro-SMBs. Grupago’s innovative approach combines AI for credit assessments, group collateral for loan security, and a community-based distribution model to tap into rural and underrepresented segments effectively.

This unique amalgamation of technology and social lending practices allows for a scalable, digital-first solution that caters to the underserved micro-SMB sector, with an initial focus on women entrepreneurs in Mexico.

Uri Pomerantz, the founder and CEO of Grupago, emphasized the firm’s commitment to empowering micro-SMBs with accessible, low-cost capital through a digital platform, inspired by Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus’s group lending model. Deciens Capital’s founder, Daniel Kimerling, highlighted Grupago’s alignment with their mission to support financial inclusion and innovation.

Grupago, headquartered in Mexico City, represents a significant step towards democratizing financial services in Latin America, challenging traditional credit systems and fostering economic growth within the micro-SMB community.