Uala’s Service Outage Sparks Customer Concerns

Users report inability to make and receive money transfers due to fintech app issues, seeking urgent resolutions.
Ualá Invertirá Us$150 Millones En América Latina
(Foto: Ualá)

This morning, customers of the fintech company Ualá took to social media to report a service outage that prevented them from making and receiving money transfers, among other issues with the app. One user expressed urgent need for access to their funds, stating, “I need that money to buy my dad’s medicine,” highlighting the personal impact of the service disruption.

Further complaints surfaced online, with another customer mentioning an unexplained debit from their account, criticizing the company’s response to the incident and the inability to use the remaining funds. Social media users tagged the company in their posts, demanding specific timelines for the resolution rather than generic assurances.

Amidst various customer grievances about the app’s functionality, including unsuccessful transfers and declined card payments across multiple vendors, Ualá responded through its verified profile, acknowledging intermittent issues affecting some services the previous day. The company assured users it was working to resolve the matter promptly.

In addition to these complaints, a user directly reached out to Ualá’s CEO and founder, Pierpaolo Barbieri, seeking immediate customer service assistance. Barbieri directed the user to the app’s live chat support, although the customer continued to report unresolved issues with their transactions.

The situation underscores the critical role fintech services play in users’ daily financial activities and the urgency of addressing operational disruptions to maintain customer trust and satisfaction.

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