Mexico’s newest unicorn just announced that it became one of the sponsors of Rayados (Club de Fútbol Monterrey), and at the event, they promised that they will go beyond appearing on the jersey. “We will bring logistics to the most-watched sport, soccer,” said Alfonso de los Rios, CEO and co-founder of Nowports. De los Ríos—who is also a native of Monterrey and a fan of the club— responded to Contxto’s questionnaire.

In simple terms, what is Nowports?

Nowports is transforming the way goods are moved in Latin America with technology. A freight forwarder handles imports, exports, and bulk shipments for companies. Nowports facilitates these processes with a platform that digitizes shipment information, displays insights for its clients’ decision-making, and provides quick access to credit so that importing companies can acquire more merchandise and pay later. 

Alfonso de Los Ríos, CEO y cofundador de Nowports. (Foto: Nowports)

How are you different from others who have tried this idea before?
I think what sets us apart are three pillars: market knowledge, technology implementation, and culture. Before developing Nowports, both Maximiliano Casal (Co-Founder and COO) and I knew how traditional freight forwarders worked and the headaches of their processes. Our added value is the technology behind our services (such as automatic reports, quick quotations, and digitized documents), which has evolved with feedback from our customers and market needs. We seek to go beyond our clients’ expectations with customized solutions, constant follow-up, and a dedicated area for using the platform. 

How sustainable is it?
Global trade is key to any country’s economy. 90% of the things around us came in a sea container. I am convinced we have a solid team to develop the digital logistics hub for Latin American companies.

What company achievement makes you proud?
At Nowports, we celebrate achievements big and small. I am very proud of our growth, the team, and the investment rounds that made us a unicorn. Speaking specifically of an accomplishment, opening in Brazil was a challenge due to the complexity of its processes and market; however, we recognized its importance for international trade and persisted until we adapted our processes and built trust. 

Tell us a Latin American startup or company you admire.
I love the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Latin America. It’s incredible what Nubank has achieved, becoming the sixth-largest bank in Brazil. They also have a founding team from different countries, which strengthens their vision for the region.

(Main image: Adobe Stock)