OKTO and Modulus Forge Key Partnership to Enhance Digital Payments

Expanding in Europe and Latin America, the collaboration aims to revolutionize gaming experiences with secure, rapid transactions.
Okto And Modulus Forge Key Partnership To Enhance Digital Payments
Lawrence Levy, CCO of Latin America at OKTO

OKTO, a leading provider of payment solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Modulus to significantly expand its digital payments service across Europe and Latin America. This collaboration is set to transform the digital payment landscape in these regions by enabling “lightning-fast” transactions for both deposits and withdrawals at Modulus-connected venues, utilizing OKTO’s innovative payment technologies.

Lawrence Levy, CCO of Latin America at OKTO, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing the commitment to delivering cutting-edge payment technology while adhering to responsible gaming practices. “This collaboration with Modulus aligns with our mission to provide users and operators with a seamless, immersive payment experience for both pay-ins and outs, setting a new standard for gaming experiences,” Levy stated.

Marc Attal, COO of Modulus, also highlighted the importance of this partnership, especially in enhancing the gaming experience through seamless and secure transactions. The integration of OKTO’s advanced payment technology with Modulus’s player-centric gaming management system aims to prioritize player safety and security while offering an unmatched gaming journey.

The collaboration introduces OKTO.DIRECT, a comprehensive retail payment gateway that simplifies access to a variety of payment methods. Additionally, the integration of OKTO.WALLET promises enhanced convenience for users, ensuring a smooth and efficient payment process that elevates the gaming experience across the board.

With this partnership officially kicking off at this year’s ICE show, both OKTO and Modulus are poised to redefine the digital payments sector, offering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of users and operators in the dynamic gaming industry.

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