The Mexican foodtech startup Mealstar aims to bring together lovers of homemade cooking in a Super App. The application allows anyone with culinary skills to sell homemade home-delivery food.

Founded in 2021, Mealstar emerged with the vision of empowering individuals and supporting families to increase their income. The platform provides the necessary technological support for cooks to expand their businesses locally.

Before the pandemic, users were looking for more diversified and quality options on home delivery platforms. This behavior and the digital boom during the pandemic created a favorable atmosphere for solutions like Mealstar.

The startup creates a community based on a platform, where its main distinctive feature is to offer home-cooked meals anytime, anywhere, inviting everyone to an open ecosystem of gastronomic entrepreneurship that empowers people to make their kitchens place where they can their kitchens a place where they can earn money and do what they love, without the limitations of specific rules of a particular schedule of work, long and tedious commutes, or having to work out of necessity and not for pleasure. Out of necessity and not for fun.

In 2022, online food delivery services in Latin America generated revenues of USD $6,130 million, an increase of more than USD $700 million compared to the previous year.

Latin-american-online food-delivery-market
Latin american online food delivery market report. (Source: EMR)

According to the Foodtech Market Forecast 2016-2022 report, the digital food industry could be valued at USD $342 billion by 2027. In Mexico, 6 out of 10 food shoppers do so digitally, and 56% of users buy food online weekly.

Online food ordering in Latin America
Online food ordering in Latin America. (Source: Statista)

A report from Statista forecasts revenues from the platform-to-consumer online food delivery segment in Latin America is expected to reach around USD $2.4 billion by 2027, while restaurant-to-consumer delivery would amount to approximately USD $6.4 billion by that year. An overview of all Digital Markets can be found here.

Revenue for the online food delivery market in Latin America from 2017 to 2027, by segment
Revenue for the online food delivery market in Latin America from 2017 to 2027, by segment. (Source: Statista)

Foodtech solutions in Latin America, especially in Mexico, are experiencing rapid adoption. Investment in this sector can drive innovation, meet consumer demand, and generate significant returns for investors.