Amazon Mexico has opened registrations for the second edition of its acceleration program, Lógralo Online, aimed explicitly at women leading small businesses. This initiative, carried out in collaboration with Socialab Mexico and Disruptive TV, aims to support and strengthen the role of women in the Mexican economy.

With figures from 2022 by, women between the ages of 25 and 44 are the ones who have most embarked on entrepreneurship in the last year. Their participation already represents 44.14% of the female entrepreneurial ecosystem, while women between 18 and 24 years account for 19.08%, these being creative and persistent women.

Lógralo Online focuses on these challenges, offering selected entrepreneurs exclusive training, mentorships with experts, and assistance in selling on Amazon. In its first edition, the program enrolled 562 small businesses over five weeks, selecting 120 women who rated the program with a satisfaction degree of 9.65 out of 10.

The program will choose 150 new entrepreneurs for this second edition, providing them with the necessary tools to grow their businesses and digitize their sales channels. Experts offering training include Renata Arvizu, Amazon Mexico’s marketplace leader, and Juan del Cerro, founder, and CEO of Disruptive. TV and other specialists in Amazon Marketplace and from the Facilitation Network of Disruptivo TV and Socialab Mexico.

Additionally, the top 15 enterprises that benefited from the program will have the opportunity to present their projects to a jury to compete for a seed investment fund. The prizes amount to approximately USD $3,210 for the first place, over USD $2,300 for the second, and USD $1,460 for the third place.

Registrations are open until August 28 here. , and the Digital Acceleration program will begin on September 11. The 15 finalists will be selected in December of this year, and the three finalists will be chosen in January 2024.

To participate, those interested must meet several requirements, including leading and owning their ventures, being registered with SAT, and, in some cases, having COFEPRIS registration. In addition, they must not have a previous store registration on Amazon Mexico and must have the necessary documentation to start the sales process on Amazon.

This program is a significant step towards the inclusion and support of women entrepreneurs in Mexico, offering a unique opportunity to grow and develop their businesses with the backing of one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world.

According to data from the Latin American Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (LAVCA), startups headed by women acquired just over 30% of the total Venture Capital invested in Latin America. This amount shows remarkable growth, since in 2019 it represented only 16%.

The study of diversity and inclusion in private capital, carried out by the Mexican Association of Private Capital (AMEXCAP), reveals that “91.1% of the people who make decisions in investment teams are men, a figure that can be compared with the 83.3% in Venture Capital and 99.1% in Private Equity. Despite this, the same study highlights that 97.1% of the funds surveyed recognized the relationship between the benefits and the incorporation of diversity and gender inclusion in decision-making.