Wanted: Sports-related startups for Latin America

Wanted: Sports-related Startups For Latin America Wanted: Sports-related Startups For Latin America
wanted: sports-related startups for latin america

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Contxto – We often talk about how traditional banks or retailers seek startups to gain innovative solutions. Well, the sports industry is another to join the pack in Latin America. 

Microsoft’s Global Sports Innovation Center (GSIC), announced it’s looking for startups in Latin America that tender to various areas related to athletic activities and the fandom that comes with it. 

Organizers will select three winners who shall benefit from a free, one-year membership to the GSIC. This organization hosts a global network of members and sports industry stakeholders for the world of startups and innovation.

If you’re interested, the deadline to apply is February 9 of this year.

Is it in you?

Projects and solutions must be geared for the regional market of Latin America. In any case, the competition is looking for innovative solutions that cover:

  • Business insights and analytics
  • Fan engagement and experience
  • Media and usage rights

After filling out an online form that addresses your startup, business model, and team, a jury will evaluate your proposal. 

Among the applicants, 10 startups will be selected. In the final phase, they will present their pitch live or via video at the upcoming Sports Summit. This event will take place next February 26 and 27 in Mexico City.

You’ll find the website where you can sign up here.

Sports calls for tech

I’m not surprised by the launch of this competition.

Consumer-related industries invest to gather data and understand and better their offerings to users. Likewise, teams, athletes, and their coaches too are eager for information.

There are examples of Internet of Things (IoT) tech out there with sensors that can greatly monitor an athlete’s overall output. Even artificial intelligence (AI) is being developed to read a person’s performance and make recommendations for improved outcomes.

Much like how we rely on our Fitbit or Xiaomi to monitor our progress, the multi-million dollar sports industry is ready to invest in their own tech. Especially if it means increasing the possibilities of bringing home the gold, getting a knockout, or scoring the winning goal.


Keep up to Date with Latin American VC, Startups News