Agrizon announced a strategic investment with an undisclosed amount from Latin Leap Sede Investment Club (SIC). With this, it will support the growth of the company to become a leading platform in agribusiness within Latin America.

The function of this e-commerce startup is to connect producers with buyers, so that merchants can grow their businesses. Agrizon aims to digitize the next generation of farmers with a sustainable electronic platform, and also helps growers to sell at fair prices.

Agrizon is changing the game by offering online transactions, fast delivery of produce to the farmer in less than 72 hours and high-quality customer service.

Currently, the company offers a catalog of +5000 products from 200 suppliers. Its clients are mainly in Ecuador, where the company already represents 85% of online traffic in the agribusiness sector.

The fund that made this investment focuses on creating unique, responsible investment platforms to accelerate technology companies in Latin America.

Agrizon was founded in Miami by Luis Fernando Hidalgo, who worked for more than a decade in a company in this sector in Ecuador. During that time, he witnessed how some producers had no way to reach the final consumer.

“At that time, traditional options included catalogs that routed the grower to the seller. Agrizon has changed the game by offering online transactions, fast delivery from the grower in less than 72 hours, and high-quality customer service”, he mentioned in a press release.

Latin America is a region that is home to the largest extension of arable land in the world; and digital adoption in this sector is accelerating. Twelve countries increased their agricultural exports by 8% during the months of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, compared to the same period in 2019, for a total of US$85.3 billion, according to IICA data.

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