“We transform companies into fintechs” is the motto of this Buenos Aires-based startup, which is announcing a US$6 million seed round led by the Base10 Partners fund, with the participation of Pear, MatterScale Ventures and Gilgamesh Ventures, which had already invested in them in previous rounds.

The company reported that the new capital will allow them to “continue working with B2B companies to transform the lives of retailers.” Menta targets businesses looking to receive payments and have other financial products associated with them.

Its founders are Virginia Folgueiro (CEO), Alejandro Quirno (CMO) and Santiago Lorenzo (CTO). Both Folgueiro and Quirno highlight in their Linkedin profiles having been selected with Menta by Californian VC Pear in the W22 cohort. Pear is known for its focus on early stage startups.

Main image: Alejandro Quirno, Virginia Folgueiro and Santiago Lorenzo.

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