Bitso’s plans in recent days have included the generation of alliances that seek to promote information on the use of cryptocurrencies.

First, the crypto exchange platform became an official sponsor of the Mexican Soccer Team. This was done in order to “inspire and teach Mexicans the proper use of cryptocurrencies,” according to its statement.

Now, it announces a collaboration with an edtech to improve information on financial inclusion in Latin America. Coderhouse, an Argentinian learning platform, will allow more people in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay to access new courses focused on cryptocurrencies and acquire new financial knowledge.

This new offer created by Coderhouse and certified by Bitso will consist of three courses: Cryptoactive & Fintech, Trading and Blockchain. These can all be purchased through the virtual platform. They are the ideal topics to offer basic and operational knowledge of the crypto world, as well as the technologies that make them possible.

The specialized courses will be available to the public starting in March on the Coderhouse platform. However, both companies have started pre-sale.

Financial Education at a Key Moment

Alliances such as Coderhouse and Bitso come at a key moment for the region. While traditional currencies have been depreciating, the use of cryptocurrencies continues to increase. According to Chainalysis, a blockchain research platform, during 2021 Latin Americans made crypto transactions for the equivalent of US$352 billion dollars.

Taking into account that in the previous year the value of those same transactions did not exceed US$24 billion dollars, the growth has been exponential.

Bitso, of Mexican origin, positioned itself in 2021 as the main company related to virtual currencies and blockchain technologies by risk capital raised in Latin America.

It also obtained financing for a total value of US$378.4 million dollars, which made it the sixth best valued private company in the region in May 2021, according to data from Statista. It became a unicorn in the middle of last year.

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