Mexican Audiobook Startup Beek Acquires Silicon Valley-Based A.I. Company

Mexican audiobook startup Beek has announced the acquisition of Tamber, an A.I. company based in San Francisco, CA. With Tamber, Beek will be able to improve its recommendation feature, which will allow users to find better content and consequently help creators monetize better.

Beek is a subscription-based audiobook platform that also offers podcasts, meditations, and other audio content. It’s created specifically for the Spanish-speaking Latin American audience. It has a catalog of over 250K audiobooks; most of them are originals developed by the company itself, but made by independent creators that find in Beek an ideal medium to grow, share, and monetize their content.

According to Pamela Valdés, Beek’s co-founder and CEO, 78% of the platform’s users listen to at least one original audiobook each month.

The company is focused on being a tool for creators. Besides paying them per each listened minute, Beek offers them an audio editing service, recording studios, and marketing. Now, with Tamber’s technology, Beek will also be able to offer them better audience engagement: with a good, automatic recommendations system based on the users’ preferences, the platform will be able to give them content that is better suited to their tastes and/or needs.

Details from the acquisition were not shared, but Beek had support from Jeeves Growth, the financing arm of expense management company Jeeves.

Beek was created in 2014 and belongs to Y Combinator’s W17 batch. The company was one of the first Mexican startups to participate in YC’s accelerator program. To date, Beek has raised US$7 million in a seed round led by Accel Partners and Greylock Partners.

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