Nubiral invests USD $1 million in Generative Artificial Intelligence

With more than 150 employees and 100 clients, Nubiral’s Generative AI Professional Center of Excellence has a substantial annual investment.
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Nubiral, a global technology company specializing in innovation and digital transformation with a presence in multiple Latin American countries, has revealed its commitment to annually invest USD $1 million in its professional excellence center specialized in Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI).

This prominent team, composed of experts from various regions, has already implemented AI projects for various clients from diverse industries and business sectors. Currently, the company has a workforce of over 150 collaborators. It provides services to more than 100 clients from different industrial areas, and 30% of its professionals are dedicated to the Center of Excellence in Generative AI.

Although Nubiral has been investing in Research and Development (R&D) related to Artificial Intelligence since 2020, in early 2023, when this technology gained significant global presence thanks to Chat GPT, they decided to intensify their investments and formalize this project, initially conceived as exploratory.

AI implementations soon arrived, driven by the company’s knowledge in the data field.

“We are pioneers in the field of Artificial Intelligence, and it is not something new for us. In fact, we have been firmly committed to this technology for three years, which has had a considerable impact on various industrial sectors and is transforming the way we all work,” explained Maximiliano Giacri, Co-founder and CEO of Nubiral.

According to projections from analysis firm IDC, organizations are expected to invest more than USD $150 billion in AI-based systems in 2023, representing a 26.9% increase compared to 2022. By 2026, the total investment in AI is estimated to have surpassed $300 billion in those three years.
Nubiral’s ambition is for its Center of Excellence in AI to continue expanding. “The key to the success of this project lies in having the right talent and team. Therefore, we plan to continue attracting top-tier professionals and have the vision to triple its current size by the year 2024,” predicted Fernando Zerbini, Co-founder and Director of Strategy of Nubiral.

The purpose of Nubiral’s Center of Excellence in AI is to accompany organizations in their transition toward adopting this technology. This implies promoting the adoption of AI, identifying needs and possibilities of use, and meeting specific requirements of architecture and implementation.

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