Nestlé, through its Research and Development Center (R&D) for Latin America, in collaboration with the UC Anacleto Angelini Innovation Center and with the support of Venture Capital Angel Ventures, launched the call for proposals “Challenge: Food Tech Startups”, with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship and innovation.

This challenge seeks to drive the development of technological or digital solutions related to ingredients and raw materials from Latin America.

The purpose of this initiative is to identify projects in advanced stages of development that are currently operating. The goal is to strengthen innovation in the region, directing it towards a healthier, more sustainable, accessible food and beverage industry, with a positive impact on people’s quality of life, the environment, and economic development.

The selected project will have the opportunity to join the Nestlé R&D accelerator for Latin America and access the company’s global infrastructure.

In addition, it will benefit from the expertise of scientists and engineers from Nestlé through coaching and mentoring. Additionally, five other projects will be selected to join Incuba UC, an incubation program at the UC Innovation Center.

“Through this challenge, we invite entrepreneurs and Food Tech startups from Latin America to work together to scale their projects hand in hand with our center.

“We want to accelerate projects that provide solutions to the challenges of the food industry and have a positive impact on people and the planet, providing the tools and platforms available for them to materialize,” announced Aline Mor, Director of Nestlé R&D Latam.

“Challenge: Food Tech Startups” is open to natural or legal persons from Chile or other countries in Latin America who have a project in an advanced stage of development or at least a simple proof of concept, supported by studies and/or analysis.

It is important to highlight that this initiative arises from the agreement between Nestlé and Catholic University, signed earlier this year, with the aim of strengthening entrepreneurship capabilities and exploring the potential of available ingredients in Latin America.

In this way, Nestlé continues to consolidate its strategic research partnerships globally, adding to previous agreements with universities in Europe, the United States, Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

This reflects the company’s commitment to investment in research and development (R+D), innovation, and human capital in the region, as well as its support for young entrepreneurs.