Nuvini and Semantix form alliance to boost Artificial Intelligence

Nuvini’s mission is to invest in established companies and foster a business environment that enables these companies to become leaders in their respective industries.
Pierre Schurmann, Founder and CEO of Nuvini Pierre Schurmann, Founder and CEO of Nuvini

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Nuvini Group Limited, a leader in acquiring private B2B SaaS companies in Latin America, announced a strategic alliance with Semantix, Inc., a significant provider of enterprise Artificial Intelligence platforms and applications in the same region.

Sharing the vision of leveraging the potential of Artificial Intelligence, both companies have embarked on a journey to improve and optimize operations for the businesses within Nuvini’s portfolio.

Under the leadership of Leonardo dos Santos, Semantix has assembled a team of experienced specialists in Artificial Intelligence.

Nuvini, as the leading serial acquirer of profitable B2B SaaS businesses in Latin America, manages a diverse portfolio of seven companies in various sectors.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Nuvini on this transformative endeavor. Nuvini’s diverse portfolio provides a unique opportunity to implement our AI-based solutions, enhancing efficiency, productivity, and clients’ decision-making processes. 

“This partnership is not only an opportunity for us to deliver value to Nuvini but also a chance to learn from new challenges, develop innovative use cases, and accelerate Semantix’s reach across different industries while speeding up the adoption of AI and GenAI in a plethora of businesses,” explained Leonardo dos Santos, Founder and CEO of Semantix.

The alliance’s goal is to apply the power of Artificial Intelligence provided by Semantix to optimize and drive innovation in these companies.


As the alliance progresses, Semantix’s Artificial Intelligence experts will work closely with Nuvini’s leaders to identify AI applications that align with each company’s specific needs and goals.

“We are very excited to collaborate with Semantix in implementing AI solutions that have the potential to revolutionize how our businesses operate. AI technology represents the future, and we are confident that this partnership will enable our companies to thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape,” emphasized Pierre Schurmann, Founder and CEO of Nuvini.

The collaboration began in November 2023 and aims to ensure a seamless and effective integration of Artificial Intelligence solutions across all Nuvini business entities. 

The ultimate commitment is to achieve greater operational efficiency, data-driven decision-making, and a competitive advantage in Nuvini’s respective industries by implementing Semantix-powered AI applications and solutions.

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