The startup has announced the closing of a Series B investment round of more than US$15.5 million. It included a series of combinations of shares, debt and capital to support the continued growth and scale of the technology and its waste-to-energy business model.

This round was led by KawiSafi Ventures. AXA IM Alts, which is a world leader in alternative investments through its AXA IM Impact Investing strategy, matched them. Engie RDE, the EU ElectriFI fund, Chroma Impact, Blink CV and Co Capital also participated, all of which had previously invested in the company. Triodos Bank provided additional working capital financing.

This new funding will strengthen partnerships and distribution, carbon reduction activities, research and development efforts, and overall operations in LatAm, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. In addition, in this new stage Sistema.Bio aims to provide clean and renewable energy to 1 million farmers and their families by 2025.

From Waste to Biofertilizers is a company that primarily provides access to innovative biodigester technology. Through its patented technology, farmers around the world can convert their waste into renewable energy and biofertilizer.

The company also provides financing and training for farmers to address challenges such as food security and climate change.

Founded in 2010 in Mexico,’s biodigesters are designed to serve a wide range of farms and projects. They have the potential to reach more than one billion people on more than 200 million farms. It currently has more than 200,000 users in 30 countries, and the company has operating centers in Mexico, Colombia, Kenya and India.

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