Contxto – Talk about perfect timing. Immediately after publishing our female-founded Peruvian startup market map, Joinnus announced that it has reached a milestone of 1 million users over its all-encompassing event platform.

“To organize, Joinnus is revolutionizing the ticketing market by offering a one-stop-shop where event organizers can create, promote, sell, manage and measure the performance of their events,” said Carolina Botto, the founder and CEO of Joinnus, during a Twitter correspondence.

“All the while, event-goers can easily discover and purchase tickets for their preferred cultural activities.

Ticket business!

Joinnus is a Peruvian platform providing customers with easy-to-purchase events. Since 2013, founder Carolina Botto and business partner Domingo Seminario have attracted over 1 million subscribers. The reason is easy to comprehend; customers want to conveniently purchase entry to events with any hassle.  

“The one million buyers are synonymous with great achievements for Joinnus,” said Botto. “They are not simple users but people who have trusted a Peruvian company, shopping online, and have attended an event throughout these years, believing together with us that things can be done better.”

By better, Botto means forfeiting endless lines and the loss of time as well as money when trying to acquire a ticket.

“Before Joinnus, the Peruvian ticketing market was outdated,” said Botto.

Tickets were sold offline, forcing Peruvians to drive to brick and mortar stores and queue in lines at insufficient points of sale. Even more, people had to discover the country’s cultural offering through limited printed posters clipped on bulletin boards.

As of today

Not only has the internet made this milestone possible, but also the 6,000 partnering organizations within Joinnus’ network. Thanks to them, more than 25,000 events have gone through the platform, making it the largest platform of its kind in Peru. 

There is an average of 600 active monthly users who frequent categories such as soccer, theater, cinema, concerts, festivals, etc. This startup intends to continue building trust among Latin American users to facilitate its gradual international expansion. 

Even better, the company just launched operations in Colombia, according to Botto. The startup even has a new website for Colombian events. According to Botto, her company has been so popular due to the newfound levels of convenience.

“You can discover all the events that happen in the city in just one site,” said Botto, saying that she doesn’t care if it’s the event sells or not. We just want you to know everything that is happening in your city.”

Botto adds that there is nothing wrong with enjoying Netflix at home. However, when people want to go out and encounter a city’s culture, there should be options. In this regard, Joinnus has become the “Netflix” of experiencing what a city has to offer.

In past news

Botto served as a Peruvian mentor representative during NextGen Women Entrepreneurs Week 2019 in Zurich, Switzerland. The international competition brought 20 women-led startups from six countries together with two Peruvians ranking in first and second. 

These were founder and CEO of Qimi, Paola Mego, as well as founder and CEO of Crack the Code, Maria del Mar Velez. You can find both featured on our recent market map, so be sure to check it out! 

Also, take a look at Botto’s informative blog about her experiences running a company.