Addressing the Startup Layoffs in Latin America

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Startups Alumni

One of the first initiatives to appear on social media was Startups Alumni, a platform that allows former employees of companies affected by layoffs to upload their data, and areas of expertise and attach their LinkedIn profiles so that other startups can hire them. At the moment, 584 profiles are looking for new opportunities.

It was an idea of Coonector, a consulting company founded by Karola Martinez and Michelle Martinez. In the last few weeks, they have added new features, such as the database being downloadable and filterable as needed.

So far, the predominant areas are customer service, sales, marketing, business development, and project management. And Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina are the countries from which most of the profiles come from. 

“Through our company Coonector, we have been implementing open innovation and corporate venturing processes for more than five years, connecting corporate clients with startups to accelerate innovation, collaboration, and investment,” says Karola Martinez.

Other interesting data from Startups Alumni: 48.1% of the profiles seek to work under the remote mode, 46.4% of the profiles seek to work under the hybrid mode, and only 5.48% of the profiles seek to work on-site. 


Pivot.Build allows laid-off employees in Latin America to contact interested companies. It was born out of a desire to help people affected by tech layoffs find a role quickly and deduce the uncertainty of the difficult time they are going through,” says Daniel Bilbao, CEO of Truora, and one of the people behind the project. “It has been very well received, and we have more than a thousand profiles on the platform.”


The startup from Peru, dedicated to helping LatAm developers find jobs in the technology industry, launched a program called “Scholarships for new beginnings,” which provides full and free access to its platform to all software developers who have lost their jobs.

They say the purpose is to give a hand to all developers and tech collaborators affected by the crisis looking to get their future back on track to get new opportunities, receiving support, content, and contacts from Talently. 

Talently did not respond on how the project was working out, but the program can be accessed from this link.

LatAm Startups Talent

LatAm Startups Talent is an initiative of the investment fund Marathon Ventures. It works similarly to other initiatives: a public database, created in the Notion app, where available talents and job positions can be registered.


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Keep up to Date with Latin American VC, Startups News