Alster, Lima Feigelson and SLLM form Cube Latam to boost legal services

Cube Latam is not only a trade association, but also a community committed to sharing knowledge, ideas and resources to redefine legal services from a client-centric perspective.
Alster, a pioneer in next-generation legal services, partnered with Lima Feigelson and SLLM to form Cube Latam.

Alster, a pioneer in next-generation legal services and technology and legal operations consulting, partnered with two other leading firms, Lima Feigelson and SLLM, to form Cube Latam.

This alliance aims to drive innovation and growth in the legal sector, particularly focusing on startups.

Cube Latam is not just a business partnership but also a community committed to sharing knowledge, ideas, and resources to redefine legal services from a customer-centric perspective, with an emphasis on innovation and technology.

Considering that Mexico, Brazil, and Chile are economies with a high level of entrepreneurship and internationalization, Cube Latam aims to connect globally and adapt to the growing needs and demands of clients in the region.

The initiative not only seeks to be a joint commercial force but also a collaborative community contributing to the transformation of the legal market.

Alster revolutionizes the legal ecosystem

The increasing relevance of digital transformation and the adoption of technology across various industries and business sectors have been prominent in recent decades, further intensified by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Startups, in particular, thrived in this environment, finding innovation to be a crucial ally for their development.

Despite the legal sector traditionally being resistant to change and serving as a pillar for these startups’ expansion, major legal firms have begun to adapt by integrating technology to meet their clients’ demands.

A company that emerged as a strategic partner for many startups and innovative companies in Chile and Latin America was Alster.

Founded in 2015, Alster has positioned itself as a pioneer in next-generation legal services and technology and legal operations consulting.

Its focus on speaking the ‘language of innovation’ and supporting entrepreneurs resulted in half of its legal services being directed towards startups, such as the case of Velocity-x, a Colombian collaborative logistics company.

Andrés Jara, founder of Alster, is notable for being a lawyer, entrepreneur, and a reference in legal innovation in Latin America.

“Innovation is in our DNA, and we believe we must enhance and deepen the differences, alliances, and collaboration for the startup world, as a priority for 2024. Startups feed us, nurture us, and allow us to always be at the forefront.”

“To achieve these competitive advantages, we really have to incorporate technology, strengthen talent, and be creative in products: our focus is on positioning Alster as the undisputed leader in innovation in the legal sector,” said Andrés Jara, founding partner of Alster.

Alster’s future vision, incorporating artificial intelligence and process systematization, has set it apart from other companies in the legal sector.

The commitment to creating value through innovative solutions has led Alster to support the evolution of society through the creation and development of businesses or ventures.

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