– Colombia climbed four spots to rank 40th in the Global Startup Ecosystem Index.

  • Over half of these startups are concentrated in six leading sectors including fintech and healthtech.
  • Key regional cities like Cali and Barranquilla rank within the top 1,000 global startup ecosystems.

    Colombia’s startup scene has shown substantial growth, recording a 30% increase in new startups last year, totaling 1,720. This surge was documented in the third edition of the “Colombia Tech Report” produced by Kpmg and several prominent academic and commercial institutions.

    The report indicates that significant growth has not only been limited to major cities but is also spreading to other regions, reshaping the country’s entrepreneurial landscape.

    The concentration of startups remains highest in Bogotá and Antioquia, accounting for 80% of the total. However, regions like Valle del Cauca and Atlántico also reported a 10% rise in new ventures. Despite these strong numbers, there remains room for improvement, as noted by Andrés Raigosa of Andi, who emphasizes the need for better support systems to further enhance growth. Bogotá is particularly noted as a crucial hub for startups across Latin America.

    Sector-wise, the landscape is diverse, with more than half of the startups concentrated in fintech, SaaS, healthtech, business management, proptech, and edtech. María Paula Peñaranda of Kpmg highlighted the changing dynamics, where there’s a noticeable shift towards more inclusive regional participation. This diversification is seen as key to driving the national economy forward.

    Additionally, startups like Gopass, Simetrik, and Addi were recognized for their significant contributions to financing, employment, and innovation within Colombia.