Enverse: recognized as one of the best startups in LATAM

The Chilean startup was the winner of the Metaverse Communities Award, a joint project between Meta and the Inter-American Development Bank.
Chilean startup Enverse specializes in the creation of hyperrealistic metaverses in architecture.

In the last semester of 2023, the Chilean startup Enverse, specializing in the creation of hyper-realistic metaverses in architecture, experienced significant growth of 300%, reaching a user base of 50 thousand.

This achievement earned them the recognition of ‘Discover LATAM’s fastest-growing startups FI50’ from the Founder Institute in Silicon Valley, where they competed with over 100 countries and 200 cities worldwide.

Enverse leads the evolution of metaverses, collaborating with urban planners and architects to establish the foundations of future environments that people will inhabit from 2030.

In a pioneering approach, Enverse proposes the creation of hyper-realistic metaverses designed by architects and Enverse urban planners instead of video game developers.

The company advocates for applying lessons learned in the design of real-world spaces, reimagining essential aspects that will not be necessary in virtual environments, such as conventional structural elements and architectural details.

“In one year, we managed to develop projects in 10 countries, and today we have a presence in markets across Latin America, Europe, and Asia. I believe the success lies in specializing in the retail and health segments, understanding that’s where the greatest opportunities are,” highlighted Francisco Espinoza, CEO of Enverse.

Additionally, Enverse ventures into the healthcare field with its new initiative, Medical E-Learning.

It became the only Chilean startup awarded by the Silicon Valley Founder Institute, collaborating with two other companies to develop digital twins of medical courses and conferences.

This strategy aims to reach a broad number of doctors in Latin America, providing essential medical updates to those who cannot attend medical events physically.

In February 2024, Enverse and Medical E-Learning will initiate a $5 million investment round.

This financing aims to consolidate the regional presence of the company, improve its processes, and strengthen its teams, focusing on enhancing commercial positioning in Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil.

With offices and representations in various countries, including Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Colombia, Venezuela, and the United States, Enverse has gained the trust of clients such as Mall Plaza (Falabella group), the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), SwissContact, and Decathlon, among others.

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