Four startups led by women will be accelerated by the “LAC Women Founders Accelerator” program spearheaded by the innovation lab of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB Lab) and Google.

The program comprises a total of 20 startups founded by women throughout the region. They have been selected among 306 companies from 29 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean that have a proven presence of generating impact in their communities.

Through workshops and sessions, the entrepreneurs will be receiving personalized support to overcome the main challenges of growing their companies. Their current stage is mainly focused on customer acquisition and leadership skills.

They will also have access to the network of mentors, industry experts, Venture Capital fund investors, and entrepreneurs from the global network of Google WeXchange / BID Lab and Centraal. The founders will be able to show their progress at a Demo Day, which will be held on December 1 and 2, within the framework of the WeXchange Forum 2021.

According to data from Endeavor Intelligence, only 25% of tech startups in the region are run by women, and these firms are on average three times smaller than those run by men.

The Mexican startups founded by women are:

  • Posperia: an AI-based solution for accessible early detection and treatment of chronic diseases

  • ioio: a rental plataform for everything, from all kinds of items to services.

  • Vinco: Lifelong learning platform as a corporate benefit for companies

  • Getin: provides physical stores with in-store analysis of foot traffic.

The complete list of startups founded by women in LATAM:

  • Alquilando: Argentina – Aarketplace for long-term rentals
  • Apptim: Uruguay – Automated quality control for native applications
  • Branddu: Colombia – B2B Market for merchandising
  • Carinos: Brasil –Digital support network for working parents
  • EatCloud: Colombia – Manage unsold products from the food industry
  • hiSofi: Brasil – Debt collection management
  • MO Technologies: Colombia – Credit scoring using AI for inclusive and seamless financial inclusion
  • Muda Meu Mundo: Brasil – Marketplace that connects retailers with small producers without intermediaries
  • NeuralMind: Brasil – Plataform that analyzes documents and images using IA
  • Prometeo: Uruguay – Open Banking plataform
  • Snap Compliance: Costa Rica – SaaS against money laundering and compliance.
  • Tipti: Ecuador – Combines the convenience of e-commerce with the experience of professional buyers
  • UpGirl: Chile – Transportation app for women and children
  • Wit Advisor: Argentina –Customer and employee experience management plataform