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Home Capital, a Housing Platform, Receives US$3 Million From Bancolombia

Home Capital, which operates in Medellín and Bogotá, defines itself as a "digital housing outlet." Bancolombia, which invests in several regional startups, has already worked with them, providing financing to buyers.

Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Proptech Home Capital announced a US$3 million investment by Bancolombia’s venture capital fund, the country’s largest bank after Grupo Aval. Bancolombia, which invests in several startups in the region, was already working with Home Capital providing financing to property buyers.

The CEO of this property platform, Andrés Londoño, said in a statement feeling proud that a company like Bancolombia had invested in them.

Born in 2015 in Medellín, Home Capital is a platform aimed at homebuyers and sellers. They propose to facilitate buying and selling by automating the process through technology. They claim that, unlike conventionally selling properties, by selling through them, people have advantages such as receiving a cash payment, not paying commissions, and closing the deal in three days.


Andrés Londoño, CEO of Home Capital. (Photo: Home Capital)

The company revealed that more than 600 families have bought and sold homes through its platform.

Real estate startups or proptech are among the ones attracting more investment globally. In Colombia, the most notable case is Habi, which has a similar model: it was proclaimed a unicorn in May after a US$200 million round led by Homebrew, and SoftBank.

Main image: Medellín (Adobe Stock).

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