In 2022, when the first Impacta Fundraising Strategy Program (IFSP) was launched, out of the 100 applications received, only 16 out of the 64 selected startups were led by women. This once again demonstrates that only 5% of the financing ecosystem is allocated to female entrepreneurs.

To address this gap, Catalina Taricco, the Chief Operating Officer of Impacta VC, decided to appoint six ambassadors who will contribute to the training of women who enroll in the program, with the goal of expanding equal opportunities between genders within the program. Additionally, scholarships are offered for women founders or co-founders of Latin American startups who wish to be part of the IFSP.

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Impacta VC aims for 25% of the program’s participants to be women and has appointed a team of prominent figures in the startup world, including Tina Rosenfeld, Marta Cruz, Susana García-Robles, Virginia Suárez, Mariana Poblette, and Nicole Forttes.

Each of these ambassadors has five golden tickets, which allow them to accept women founders or co-founders without the selection process, as well as award a scholarship to cover the monthly program cost for interested individuals.

Applications to work with the ambassadors will be accepted until July 7th, and the Impacta Fundraising Strategy Program will begin on August 1st.

What does this imply for venture capital?

  • Increased focus on supporting and investing in women entrepreneurs: The initiative to incentivize the growth of women entrepreneurs in the program suggests a shift in venture capital towards recognizing the importance of gender diversity and providing equal opportunities for investment and support.
  • Addressing the gender funding gap: By aiming for a higher representation of women leaders and offering scholarships, the program seeks to address the existing gender funding gap in the startup ecosystem and promote a more equitable distribution of venture capital resources.
  • Broadening the perspectives and talent pool: Encouraging more women to participate in venture capital programs can bring diverse perspectives, expertise, and innovation to the table, ultimately benefiting the entire industry by tapping into a broader talent pool.

What does this imply for the female entrepreneurial ecosystem in Latin America?

  • Increased opportunities and support: The initiative aims to provide more opportunities and support specifically for women entrepreneurs in Latin America, potentially bridging the gender gap in access to resources, funding, and mentorship.
  • Empowerment and visibility: By focusing on the growth of women entrepreneurs, the program can empower and amplify the voices and contributions of women in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Latin America, raising their visibility and recognition.
  • Promoting diversity and innovation: The inclusion of more women in the entrepreneurial ecosystem can bring diverse perspectives, experiences, and innovative ideas, fostering a more vibrant and dynamic startup scene in Latin America.

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