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Zuru Latam: Innovation and Protection for SMEs in Latam

Zuru Latam, the pioneering insurtech founded by Gianmarco Scarsi, is revolutionizing the insurance sector in Latin America. With a focus on SMEs and innovative on-demand solutions, it seeks to fill the gap in cargo insurance and logistics risks, offering protection for goods in transit with advanced technology and strategic alliances, while positioning itself for significant expansion in the region.

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Betterfly Launches Operations in Spain After Acquiring the Fintech Flexoh

After arriving in Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador, now the Chilean unicorn Betterfly starts operations in Spain. All this after the insurance startup bought the Valencian fintech Flexoh, a company dedicated to “flexible retribution,” as the model in which employees voluntarily choose to receive part of their salary in products and benefits is known.  The amount […]