Capgemini reveals the 5 key technological trends for 2024

The TechnoVision 2024 report highlights technological trends such as generative AI, post-quantum cryptography, advancements in semiconductors, solid-state batteries, and space technology.
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Capgemini has released its report “TechnoVision: 5 Main Technological Trends to Follow in 2024”, highlighting the technologies that will reach a turning point next year. Following 2023, dominated by generative AI, which positioned itself at the center of the global conversation, Capgemini’s report predicts that other technologies will also reach a stage of maturity in 2024.

Pascal Brier, Director of Innovation at Capgemini, emphasizes the transformative role of technology, citing generative AI as an example. The company focuses on leveraging the power of innovation to anticipate crucial technological advances. In addition to generative AI, areas to watch in 2024 include the evolution of semiconductors, post-quantum cryptography, battery technologies, and space exploration.

Generative AI

Generative AI, which has gained prominence in 2022 and 2023, is expected to continue its growth in 2024. While large language models will remain relevant, the trend will lean towards smaller and more cost-effective models suitable for more limited capacity architectures.

It is anticipated that new AI platforms will provide tools for companies to leverage generative AI without the need for deep technical expertise. This will facilitate the creation of interconnected networks of models tailored for specific tasks, promoting multi-agent fertile ecosystems.

Quantum Technologies

The cyber arms race is underway, with AI and ML being used in threat detection and adopting zero-trust security. But quantum computing presents a new threat, potentially making current encryption standards obsolete.

In 2024, the publication of the standard for post-quantum cryptography by NIST in the United States is expected, which will likely significantly impact global digital security conversations.


Semiconductors, the world’s most traded good, are on the brink of a transformative era. 2024 Moore’s Law is expected to evolve with advances in 3D chip stacking, materials science innovations, and new lithography forms. This implies an accelerated digital transformation across various industries, reflected in significant changes in the semiconductor ecosystem.


Improvements in performance and cost reduction of batteries are crucial for supporting electric mobility and long-term energy storage. In 2024, an acceleration in the development of cobalt-free and solid-state batteries is expected, representing a significant shift in battery technology, offering higher energy density at lower prices and reducing dependence on materials like lithium and cobalt.

Space Technology

In 2024, humanity will prepare to return to the Moon, marking a renewed interest in space technologies. Government agencies and private actors drive these technologies and promise advances in sustainable spacecraft propulsion and new low-Earth orbit constellations for communications and quantum cryptography.

Thus, TechnoVision highlights how technological innovations are changing the business landscape and driving solutions to some of society’s and the environment’s most pressing challenges.

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