Buentrip Ventures Announced Fund With an Emphasis on Ecuadorian Startups and Support From IDB Lab

BuenTrip Ventures, which started in 2016 as a community for entrepreneurs and since 2021 is a VC, announced the opening of a new fund, which expects to raise US$15 million and invest in more than 30 software startups in LatAm, to enable rapid digital transformation in the region, they said. 

According to Forbes Ecuador, IDB Lab will provide at least US$2 million only for startups in Ecuador. 

In their press release, where they headline that they become the first “institutional” VC in Ecuador (presumably because they had previously operated with angel investors and now have the support of IDB Lab), the Ecuadorian firm explained that their experience in the ecosystem allows them to identify and invest in the best talent in the region. “Particularly in non-traditional markets such as Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Paraguay,” they say.

Their focus is on software-based startups. In its US$3.2 million Fund I, they invested in 23 startups in the region, including Ecuadorians Nuvocargo, Altscore, and Kriptos.

BuenTrip Ventures is led by Fernando Rivera and Carmen de la Cerda, managing partners, while Felipe Chediak is in charge of international alliances and attracting capital.

“Together they have more than 20 years of experience attracting, mentoring, and investing in startups in fintech, logistics, healthcare, education, SaaS for enterprises and SMEs, and e-commerce infrastructure,” they said in the press release. 

Main image: Fernando Rivera and Carmen de la Cerda (Photo: BuenTrip Ventures).

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