Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds
David Goggins

I recommend the story of David Goggins in his book Can’t Hurt Me.

After living a difficult childhood in a state of poverty, he discovered a Navy SEALs program that pushed his physical capabilities to the limit to achieve his goals.

It is an incredible lesson in work ethic and the fruits of hard work. Goggins created the 40% rule, which states that when our mind thinks we’ve given it our all, we still have 60% in reserve. We must ignore that voice in our heads to reach our full potential. As a founder, this is essential to go the extra mile.



Alfonso de los Ríos is CEO and co-founder of Nowports, a Mexican company that digitizes cargo shipments in Latin America, allowing them to be monitored in real-time. It also provides credit to importers. In 2022, four years after its founding, it achieved unicorn status. 




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