Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers
Ben Horowitz

I choose this book because I love the whole teamwork thing. I think anyone on the verge of starting a business should read it. It’s my favorite book, and I love it. The author talks about the mindset that a company should have. And it is that the most crucial thing in a company is the people, then the product, and the third thing is profitability. And in this way, in that order, companies become large, productive, and good.

I recommend it because it speaks specifically about the importance of human beings and teams within a company. If your team is not happy and is not well managed, nothing will work well. It addresses how the CEO shouldn’t be solving all the processes and problems but should have the ability to build a great team that can figure these things out on their own. He talks about executing the master’s mindset, which is the importance of people and teams within a company. And he gives you quite an interesting know-how on building teams, growing them, and managing them.

Ángela Acosta is the founder and CEO of Morado, a Colombian startup focused on beauty salons that just raised US$5 million and will arrive in Mexico. Previously, she worked at Rappi. Contxto invited her to recommend a book that had an impact on her.