Zuru recently announced the successful raise of $680K. The company provides digital access to top-notch cargo insurance coverage for SMEs involved in foreign trade and supply chain.

The funding round was led by Carabela.vc and included participation from Peruvian Family Offices and strategic investors from the USA.

Zuru aims to bridge the insurance gap in the logistics sector by distributing international and local cargo insurance.

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Currently, Zuru has main offices in Mexico and Peru, with the ability to serve clients regionally in Latin America.

The startup operates through three business divisions: E-commerce for import/export SMEs; SaaS for logistics operators; and Embedded insurance via API integration for digital partners.

Zuru is supported by leading insurers such as Chubb, HDI Global, Pacífico Seguros, and Lampe & Schwartze.

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Does Zuru’s pre-seed round open up possibilities for venture capital?

  • It demonstrates Zuru’s potential and attractiveness to venture capital, which could lead to new investment opportunities in later stages.
  • The financial support obtained in this early stage validates the viability and growth potential of Zuru, making it appealing to venture capital interested in supporting startups with similar business models.
  • The funds raised in the pre-seed round will enable Zuru to fuel its growth and achieve significant milestones in its development.

What are the implications for startups in foreign trade and supply chain?

  • Increased access to insurance coverage: Zuru’s proposition offers startups in foreign trade and supply chain the opportunity to access the best cargo insurance coverage digitally, providing them with protection and peace of mind in their operations.
  • Reduction of the insurance gap: Zuru’s initiative aims to close the existing insurance gap in the logistics sector. This benefits startups by providing them with options for logistics and cargo insurance, both internationally and locally, ensuring their shipments more effectively.
  • Facilitation of operations and growth: With e-commerce, SaaS, and embedded insurance solutions, Zuru enables startups in foreign trade and supply chain to focus on their core business while relying on Zuru’s services to meet their logistics and insurance needs.

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