The 10 Latin American Startups That Are Y Combinator Top Companies

Mexican companies enter this new list and Venezuela makes its inaugural entry for the first time to Top Companies YC.

Y Combinator, one of the most important accelerators in the world, has just updated its list of Top Companies. The most recent update before this was in July 2021.

This revised list considers startups from around the world that have gone through the YC acceleration program, regardless of whether they are private, public or have had an exit. The only requirement is that they have a valuation of at least US$150 million until February 2022.

The list brings together more than 260 companies, of which more than 60 are valued at over US$1 billion. Airbnb, Stripe and Instacart lead the top three spots on the list, and the highest ranking Latin American company is Rappi, which is ranked #21.

For the first time, companies from Chile and Brazil joined the list: Fintual at #221, Houm at #231 and Kovi at #143. Yummy, created by Venezuelan founders but based in San Francisco, CA, also made its debut.

Below we present, in order of appearance, all of the Latin American startups that are already part of this renowned list, thus demonstrating that entrepreneurship in the region is on par with that of other parts of the world.

Rappi (W16)

Country: Colombia


Rappi is a high-growth consumer technology startup that seeks to be “the everything store” in Latin America, connecting users who want to buy prepared foods, groceries, clothes and more. It is currently located in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia; it is aggressively growing in these markets and throughout Latin America.

Frubana (W19)

Country: Colombia


Frubana is a startup that cuts out middlemen in the food supply chain. The self-proclaimed “farm to restaurant” platform generates better prices, discoveries and transparency. This helps build trust between parties while improving logistics. Specifically, it facilitates the buying and selling of produce between restaurants and small retailers.

Kovi (W19)

Country: Brasil


Kovi cooperates with automakers and small rental companies to lease transportation to last-mile drivers. Automakers rent them from Kovi at cheap prices, and the company then resells them to users.

Nowports (W19)

Country: México


The startup from Monterrey is a cargo agent for air, sea and land movements (rail and trucks). It also has a platform that allows you to track the merchandise, organize the documentation and make the process more efficient.

Platzi (W15)

Country: Colombia


Platzi, founded in 2011, is one of the largest online professional education platforms in Latin America. The edtech platform recently announced the raising of a US$62 million Series B investment round.

Fondeadora (W20)

Country: México


Fondeadora is the digital alternative to traditional Mexican banking that seeks to free people from their banks by giving them back control of their money. It is one of the new digital banks that seeks to challenge traditional banks through a debit card with no annual fee or commissions. The card can be requested in less than 3 minutes and received in a maximum of 5 days.

Fintual (S18)

Country: Chile


Fintual is an asset management company that offers savings and investment options. It is the first company of this kind of financial service in Chile and Mexico that can add new clients in a totally digital way. In both countries it operates in a regulated manner, adhering to the respective financial legislations.

Houm- (W21)

Country: Chile


Houm is a proptech platform that facilitates the process of leasing, buying and selling real estate in Chile, Colombia and Mexico for owners and tenants. The company seeks to become the main digital real estate broker in the region.

Belvo (W20)

Country: México


Belvo is a Mexican startup that acts as a technological intermediary between financial apps in Latin America and the institutions where your financial data is stored. With it, you can connect your bank account or other financial institution directly with the fintech apps you choose to share your data with.

Yummy (S21)

Country: Venezuela


Yummy is a transportation, supermarket and home delivery startup founded in Venezuela. It is the first time in history that a startup born in Venezuela has been ranked in Y Combinator’s Top Companies. Yummy was the first delivery startup in Venezuela that was born in the most aggressive period of confinement due to the pandemic.

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