masschallenge boston announces soft-landing program for mexico city startups

MassChallenge Boston announces soft-landing program for Mexico City startups

Contxto – Last month, we announced the application cycle for the fourth annual MassChallenge (MC). As of today, though, we’re happy to showcase the chosen eight Mexican startups for the Innovation Bridge soft-landing program split between Mexico City and Boston, Massachusetts.

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In Summary

MC collaborated with AccelHub and the Mexico City government to connect startups with the North American entrepreneurial ecosystem. Together, they have chosen the following eight companies to participate, six of which are streamlining modern healthcare technology.

Founders from the chosen startups attend an Innovation Bridge event in Mexico City.


Neurotechnology and clinical research are two of Actipulse’s specialties. Its talented team of engineers manufactures neuromodulation devices to treat Parkinson’s disease and other neuropsychiatric disorders.

BioSense Technologies

Not a single drop of blood is necessary to measure glucose thanks to BioSense Technologies. The company has developed a non-invasive biosensor (known as Biosense One) capable of calculating glucose levels without pricking patients’ fingers.


Somos has created the first genetic database for Latin Americans to track their ethnic origins. Knowing more about one’s ancestry can help users identify genetic dispositions to potentially prevent diseases. The data is currently being used to develop new drugs and health strategies.


Those suffering from blindness or weak eyesight may benefit from Intevolution’s high-tech services. If you can’t see well, the company’s “intelligent lenses” improve functionality, especially when it comes to reading texts.


Health records harmoniously come together on this platform. The company aspires to create an ecosystem to prevent non-communicable diseases. Moreover, it wants to help with the diagnosis and avoidance of diseases at reduced costs.


Skin cancer prevention is what MedEXP brings to the table. The startup created a mobile application called Dermapp that uses artificial intelligence to provide skincare solutions to patients. It uses cell phone imagines, computer vision and machine learning to get the job done.


Advanced modular robotics and 3D printed devices have helped this startup create cutting-edge prosthetics with lifespans of at least three years. Based on the telescopic design, Prothesia is setting new precedents when it comes to physical rehabilitation.


Trato automates contract management using blockchain technology. In the process, it improves administrative duties and optimizes workflows for sales teams to create, manage, execute, store and report all types of contracts. This makes communication with lawyers more efficient.


All of these young high-impact companies will first convene in Mexico City for six weeks before flying to Boston. Once they arrive in Beantown, they will meet with mentors, investors and potential clients.

According to organizers, MC has been the world’s “friendliest accelerator” event since it began in 2009. Besides programming in the U.S. states of Massachusetts, Texas and Rhode Island, it also operates in Israel, Switzerland and Mexico.

Over 1,975 startups worldwide have received funds from MC, equating to more than US$4.3 billion in investments and the creation of 120,000-plus jobs. At the same time, MC has helped startups generate US$2.5 billion in invoiced revenues.

This is the third year MC has worked in Mexico where it has accelerated 102 startups. Over time, this has resulted in US$33 million worth of investments for fledgling Mexican enterprises.


Boston is gaining a reputation for being an innovative city, especially with MIT attracting more talent and so many budding entrepreneurs from Harvard wandering the streets. Historically, though, New England has been underestimated as a startup hub based on competition from San Francisco and New York City.

That changed in 2016 when it was named the top U.S. city for fostering entrepreneurial growth. We can attribute the city’s booming intellectual capital with so many colleges and universities in the vicinity.

Also considering that Boston Medical Center is one of the most renowned hospitals in the world, these healthtech startups should be able to find inspiration from every corner. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing what these Mexican companies accomplish in the upcoming months.


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