7 fintechs from Montevideo enhancing finances in Uruguay

7 fintechs from montevideo enhancing finances in uruguay
7 fintechs from montevideo enhancing finances in uruguay

Contxto – Uruguay often gains a lot of praise for its stable economy and progressive government. While it doesn’t make headlines as often as its Latin American peers, the small country famous for soccer and beef exports also has an impressive fintech scene in the capital city of Montevideo.

With initiatives such as the Montevideo Fintech Forum, Uruguay also has a lot of entrepreneurial talent, especially regarding financial technology. Norwegian fintech expert Susanne Haneestad even said that the country is close to creating a “fintech unicorn” based on its economic conditions and tech-savvy people.

Perhaps one of the following fintechs is destined for the big leagues.


Digital banking software for financial institutes is readily available over Bankingly’s agile platform. With subscriptions, clients can implement new banking features for customers within two or three months, faster than other methods. 

Some of Bankingly’s products are its mobile platform and conversational banking chatbot. The company also stresses that it’s future-proof, meaning that subscriptions will always come with updates and new enhancements. 


Partners from emergent markets in Latin America, Asia, Europe, as well as the Middle East, resort to dLocal’s payment technology to accept a variety of local payments. This way, there’s no need to hire pay-in or pay-out processors. 

Part of its solutions involves integrating various payment methods over one platform. Today, the fintech processes transactions in 15 countries with around 300 local payment methods. In the process, it has reached over 2.3 billion consumers, according to its website. 


Over this platform, users have access to investment opportunities in over 150 exchange markets around the world. With Interir, not only can you find short-term investments using stocks but also exchange-traded funds, commodities, foreign exchange, or even cryptocurrencies.

Interir even leverages Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to predict stock prices. When prompted, the predictive system performs real-time analysis of a company and its financial assets that can ultimately help investors make wiser business decisions. 


If you ever need to sell your check, you can do so over MiCheque’s peer-to-peer platform. SMEs are the fintech’s primary focus, allowing employees at these companies to publish their checks and receive investment offers from other users. Funds go directly to bank accounts. 

Since 2016, MiCheque has assisted over 6,100 users and sold over 5,500 checks with a collective value of over US$21 million. It combines software and finances to help partners solve financial issues. Successful transactions between both parties are guaranteed. 


Sending money to friends’ bank accounts is simple over Paganza’s smartphone application. While it’s only available for Uruguayans, it’s ready to download on both iOS, Windows, as well as Android platforms. 

According to the website, sending money with Paganza is as easy as sending a message over WhatsApp. Thanks to the same program, subscribers can even schedule bill payments to avoid fines or surcharges. Unlike some of its competitors, it even has a QR code reader to accept certain transactions. 


LaaS “loans as a service” provider Prezzta is a software company using innovative technology to offer its instant credit solutions to financial institutions. Based on this technology, partners can distribute loans, in addition to credit cards.

From origination to collection and evaluation, Prezzta covers the whole life cycle of loans. It even administers the necessary billing over the same program. In the end, clients can make efficient use of their resources. 

Qualia Fintech

This fintech offers two products – Prometheus and Abacus. While Protheus is a platform for standardized APIs inspired by PSD2 and Open Banking, Abacus is a financial education tool allowing users to appraise financial behavior. 

Within Abacus is also the TePago electronic wallet. On top of these two services are also computer security, infrastructure, in addition to development tools to assist financial partners in innovating.


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