Wollef celebrates 10 years of flying unicorns at LATAM

It stands out as the only Mexican investment fund with five unicorns: Konfio, Jeeves, Nubank, Kavak and Loft. Thus, Wollef consolidates its position in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Wollef, fondo de capital privado fundado por Eric Pérez-Grovas y Cristóbal Perdomo, celebró 10 años de invertir más de USD$180 millones.

Wollef, the Mexican private equity fund founded by Eric Pérez-Grovas and Cristóbal Perdomo, celebrated its tenth anniversary.

Over a decade, Wollef has managed over USD$180 million in investments distributed across 44 companies currently operating in more than 22 countries.

In its portfolio, Wollef boasts successes with companies such as Ben & Frank, Conekta, Konfio, Nubank, and Nexu.

It stands out as the only Mexican investment fund with five unicorns: Konfio, Jeeves, Nubank, Kavak, and Loft. Thus, Wollef solidifies its position in the business ecosystem.

Additionally, its portfolio includes startups like Aviva, Toku, Syscap, among others, highlighting its presence in key sectors such as fintech, e-commerce, proptech, and foodtech, crucial factors in the business landscape.

Eric Pérez-Grovas and Cristóbal Perdomo, key figures in the Latin American technology industry, held significant positions in companies such as MercadoLibre and Groupalia.

They founded Wollef with fundamental values of honesty, open-mindedness, and courage, with a clear mission to drive the technology industry in Mexico and Latin America.

“Wollef is teamwork. We learned that those who win are those who form a pack, and we are very fortunate to gain the trust of world-class entrepreneurs who accept us into their group and share our transformative vision,” explains Eric Pérez-Grovas, co-founder and General Partner of Wollef.

For their third fund, Luis Garza joined them as a partner, an expert with over 10 years of experience in the world of edtech startups, notable as a CEO and founder of companies like Advenio, Kinedu, and Aldea.

“We are very grateful to our entrepreneurs and investors for a decade of shared successes. We anticipate the next decade even brighter and more innovative in the digital economy in our region. The time to believe in entrepreneurs is now,” assures Luis Garza, General Partner at Wollef.

Wollef has established itself as one of the prominent VCs that has set the tone in technological investment in Latin America.

“We are not afraid to try new things and follow our own path. Our word is our bond, and we always keep it. We are not politically correct and believe in honest feedback. Over these 10 years, we have stayed true to our main motto: We invest in those willing to risk it all,” highlights Cristóbal Perdomo, co-founder and General Partner.

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