Fintech,, makes international jump to Uruguay

fintech,, makes international jump to uruguay
fintech,, makes international jump to uruguay

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Contxto – Argentine fintech,, is making its first expansion. Thanks to its acceptance into a local acceleration program, the startup will soon be entering neighboring Uruguay.

Its first stop is in Montevideo, where it will be working for 15 days in the Technological Laboratory of Uruguay (LATU).

That time will prove valuable for the fintech to establish key connections. Especially to let others know about its software that’s designed to ease the process of providing a loan online or at any point of sale (POS).

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Compare and contrast loans

Maximiliano Isa Pavía launched his startup in Rosario, Argentina in 2018. 

The fintech’s core product is a platform that connects small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as independent professionals (that’s fancy talk for “freelancers”) with financial and loaning institutions. 

The startup seeks to display as many alternatives as possible so stakeholders can find the option that best fits their needs and in turn offer these credit lines to their customers. Likewise, lenders can tap into the credit profile of the potential client to make them an offer.

It must be pointed out that the Argentine fintech works as a connecting party and in cases of non-payment, it’s the indebted customer and the financing institution that must sort things out. Not nor the business/freelancer themselves.

Unless the SME itself wants to provide loans. In which case, the fintech provides consulting services. 

But ugh, the collections process is uber time-consuming and can prove to be straining for your accounting books. So ensure you gather all the info and advice that’s needed before going that way.

For all of this naturally means it’s crucial it develops networks with financial players in whatever locale it wants to enter. In that sense, it found Uruguay to be an attractive prospect.

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Enter Uruguay

“In terms of software, it [Uruguay] is the country that’s growing the fastest in this sector and the country that’s investing the most in it,” said Isa Pavía. “Uruguay wants to become a tech hub in Latin America.”

True dat.

It may be a small-sized country but various initiatives from Montevideo have been launched to stimulate startups and tech. 

To a degree that in 2018, it joined the Digital Nations group, or DN. This network of governments seeks to use tech to improve the lives of its citizens and collaborate for that end. Alongside Uruguay is one other Latin American country, Mexico.

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