Brazilian healthtech Vitta expands medical insurance for startups with new pharmaceutical services

brazilian healthtech vitta expands medical insurance for startups with new pharmaceutical services
brazilian healthtech vitta expands medical insurance for startups with new pharmaceutical services

Contxto – Medical insurance for startup employees is a tangible reality, at least in Brazil with Vitta’s modern healthcare solution. What makes this company unique, however, is how it directly caters to those working for high-growth potential tech companies.

As the first provider of this caliber in the Portuguese-speaking nation, the healthtech recently expanded its digital offering. In collaboration with the pharmaceutical benefits company, ePharma, Vitta will launch heightened services. This will reportedly run alongside its medical plans for startup employees, but with easy access to affordable drugs.

To further promote startup health insurance, this will function in tandem with Vitta’s pre-existing network of medical professionals. The end results will be more streamlined interactions between patients and medical professionals, not to mention economically-priced medicines and services. 

“Using the technologies that Vitta and ePharma have developed, doctors can make their prescriptions from a list of more than 7,000 items, comprising 96 percent of the most prescribed active ingredients,” said João Gabriel, CEO of Vitta.

According to exclusive reports on StartSe, this will elaborate from Vitta’s exclusive medical network of professionals. These include doctors, nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists, and nutritionists. All for the sake of easily accessible consultation.

Along those lines, users are able to make appointments or access records for exam results, treatment histories, and prescriptions through the program.

Moreover, this will be available with 8,300 affiliated pharmacies. On top of health protections, the startup also partnered with chain pharmacies such as Drogaria São Paulo, PagueMenos, and Extrafarma to make this a project a reality. 

Startup health insurance in Brazil

What Mr. Gabriel founded in 2014 has evolved into a model providing more than just startup health coverage, but also holistic support systems for startup wonks. In the beginning, it managed clinical and office management software for electronic medical records. 

Since then, it has become of the largest e-medical startups in Brazil with over 15,000 doctors in 25 Brazilian states part of operations.

Based on this new effort, the beneficiary can also anticipate paying only 10 to 50 percent for drugs. Once a patient has their prescription, they simply need to present their Vitta digital drug plan card at partnered drugstores. A full directory is available over the app. 


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