Rappi partners with Voopter to offer airline flight tickets

rappi partners with voopter to offer airline flight tickets
rappi partners with voopter to offer airline flight tickets

Contxto – Choosing generalization over specialization, Rappi has suddenly jumped into the airline travel industry. Thanks to a new partnership with Voopter, users can now browse and purchase airline passes straight from the app.

In Summary

“Like Rappi, Voopter has a mission to simplify people’s lives,” said Fernando Vilela, Head of Growth at Rappi in Brazil. “So joining the two services made perfect sense. With the partnership, we added another convenience to the users of our platform, further strengthening our super application positioning.”

Voopter is a Brazilian travel app enabling customers to explore the greatest flight deals. With over 2 million active monthly users, and an average of a dozen deals per day, Voopter believes this new move will help the company grow by 25 percent per month.

“Today, the convenience of the end consumer is the determining factor in winning their loyalty and Rappi has been able to channel this better than anyone else,” said Pettersom Paiva, CEO of Voopter.

We are very happy to be able to participate in this great revolution by integrating Voopter, Brazil’s largest search and ticket promotion application, with the leading application in the services segment.


Joining the “Restaurants” and “Supermarkets” tabs will be “Airfare,” released last month. This strategic move brings the company one step closer to becoming the so-called “super app” of Latin America.  

Aiming to diminish the number of apps and the memory space they take up, the Colombian startup wants to become an “all in one” multifaceted platform. Allegedly, becoming an “app aggregator” will help users make the most out of their storage capacity.

Such a noble cause when you put it that way. I don’t really buy it, though. Inspired by WeChat’s multiple service application, Rappi wants to become the Latin American equivalent. Beyond philanthropic causes, this means more growth, more revenue, and especially, more power for the little orange mustache app.

Anyways, it does have a really positive side for the users. Rappi’s 6.5 million users are already able to enjoy a wide variety of seemingly random and unrelated services. In fact, the scaleup’s multiple acquisitions and partnerships have allowed them to even offer repair, manicure, pet-care, payments, mobility, and now, travel services.

Currently, Rappi operates in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, and its native Colombia. Over the last year, it has fulfilled around 70 million orders.


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