Impacta Fundraising Strategy Program 2024 Returns For Third Year

Impacta Fundraising Strategy Program 2024 Returns for Third Year

Empowering LatAm startups to raise capital and bridge gender gap

The Impacta Fundraising Strategy Program (IFSP), created by the social and environmental impact investment fund Impacta VC, is set to launch its third edition in late April 2024. The three-month program aims to teach startups how to raise pre-seed, seed, or pre-Series A funding rounds by designing their own fundraising strategies.

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Over the past two editions, more than 200 startups from 12 Latin American countries have participated in the program, with 70% of the startups from the first edition and over 50% from the 2023 edition successfully raising capital within four months of completing the program.

The IFSP has featured masterclasses from notable figures such as Zev Siegl, Courtney McColgan, Aaron Hurst, Alvaro Silverstein, and Eduardo Della Maggiora, who shared their success stories to inspire and motivate new ventures.

Impacta VC has also made a concerted effort to promote female participation in the program. Through the Women Ambassadors program, influential women in the ecosystem, such as Susana Garcia-Robles, Marta Cruz, Nicole Forttes, and Tina Rosenfeld, helped provide scholarships to 30 female-led companies. As a result, the percentage of female-founded startups in the program increased from 16% in 2022 to 35.2% in 2023.

The IFSP2023 also saw the launch of the Live Fundraising Project, an unprecedented live capital-raising initiative in Latin America, in collaboration with Emprende tu Mente and Uper. The initiative successfully raised $1.4 million in commitments and deposits for Retorna, Theodora, and Savia.

Applications for the Impacta Fundraising Strategy Program 2024 are set to open the week of March 25, with exciting new features in store. Impacta VC continues to work towards helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs fund and scale their companies, positively impacting the world.

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