amazon chooses argentina to host new data center

Amazon chooses Argentina to host new data center

Contxto – Last week, Amazon Web Service (AWS) announced the creation of a new Amazon CloudFront Edge center in Buenos Aires. The new facility will provide low latency and high data transfer rates to AWS customers adopting the latest cloud technology. 

In Summary 

Amazon CloudFront functions as a fast content delivery network (CDN) specializing in rapid data delivery, videos, applications, and APIs. Together, this content goes to customers across the world. In the process, AWS services help customer reduce latency by up to 90 percent. 

Based on this news, regional partners will soon have better access to AWS services. Some of the benefits include deep computer integration, better storage capacity, as well as more cloud security services. This way, partners can improve user experiences for customers with faster content delivery and supplemental cybersecurity protection. 

“We are thrilled to continue expanding our presence and investments in Argentina, bringing even more advanced cloud technologies to customers throughout Latin America,” said Jeffrey Kratz, AWS General Manager for the Public Sector in the region. “AWS has a long term commitment with Argentina and has been working with the country to deliver the best cloud services for businesses of all sizes and areas.”

“From the most innovative start-ups and enterprises, such as Mercado Libre, Pampa Energia, and Etermax, to the public sector organizations in areas as education, for example, Universidad Siglo 21, all will be able to enjoy the benefits of our new Edge location infrastructure as they accelerate their cloud adoption.”


At first, it seemed like the multibillion-dollar e-commerce company was indecisive regarding the new AWS location. Last week, rumors spread that the northern province of Jujuy was going to host the new data center. Despite coverage claiming this, the news was false and disappointing to some local entrepreneurs. 

“Jujuy being an option for Amazon was a rumor,” said Ezequiel Escobar, CEO and co-founder of uSound based in Jujuy. “Although conditions in Jujuy are very good with renewable energy, climate, labor, and low seismic risk, there are still no confirmations. A comment was taken out of context.”

Despite the Jujuy confusion, Buenos Aires will join over 150 other Edge Locations in Amazon’s growing network. As of today, Amazon CloudFront has over 160 “Points of Presence” in more than 60 cities in 30 countries. Within this group are Edge Locations as well as Regional Edge Caches. These smaller centers, such as the one in Buenos Aires, provide complementary support to the primary nodes.

Moving forward, the new Argentine facility will provide three developmental areas for Amazon including data center infrastructure, human resources, and software. Improved accessibility to services will also benefit various web applications in Latin America such as e-commerce, mobile banking, media, etc. 

Based on Argentina’s recent Knowledge Economy Law, some officials also consider Amazon’s arrival to potentially benefit the whole country. 

“The knowledge industry is not only a sector that has the potential to grow but, fundamentally, to improve the productivity of the rest of the economy,” said Mariano Mayer, Secretary of Entrepreneurs and SMEs in Argentina. 

Amazon CloudFront is also a self-service, pay-per-use offering. It doesn’t enforce any long-term commitments or minimum fees. Also, users can combine the system with other AWS services or use it as a standalone. 


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