Mendoza-Based Rentennials Eyes Expansion with $250K Funding Round

Rentennials aims to reshape urban mobility by promoting car sharing and expanding its operations in Argentina and internationally.
Mendoza-based Rentennials Eyes Expansion With $250k Funding Round Mendoza-based Rentennials Eyes Expansion With $250k Funding Round
Mendoza Based Rentennials Eyes Expansion With 250k Funding Round

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  • Founded by Andrés Puebla and Gerardo Germanó, the platform connects vehicle owners with businesses and tourists, facilitating car rentals.
  • With a focus on environmental sustainability, Rentennials plans to include electric vehicles to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Rentennials, an innovative car-sharing platform founded in Mendoza in 2022 by Andrés Puebla and Gerardo Germanó, is making strides in transforming urban mobility. The startup has opened a $250,000 financing round to expand its footprint in Argentina and beyond. The company has already secured 46% of the targeted funding, with contributions from the Chilean investment fund AceleraLatam.

The company’s mission is to make owning a car obsolete by offering an “easy, flexible, and accessible” rental service. Rentennials envisions a future where vehicle rentals are a mainstream, sustainable alternative to vehicle ownership, focusing on the integration of electric vehicles to enhance environmental sustainability.

With a current operation across 11 cities in Argentina and several international locations including Miami, Orlando, Peru, El Salvador, and Colombia, Rentennials is poised for further expansion into major Mexican tourist cities. The startup plans to use the funding to strengthen its presence in Florida and break into new markets, projecting a revenue of $1.5 million this year.

Rentennials differentiates itself by emphasizing safety and security, with stringent requirements for vehicle owners including comprehensive insurance, regular vehicle inspections, and legal documentation to ensure all rentals are above board. The platform has facilitated over 2,500 rentals, totaling more than 11,000 days, demonstrating significant traction in the car-sharing market.

As Rentennials continues to seek additional investors with a minimum ticket of $25,000, it aims to close its seed round at $1 million by February 2025 to solidify its position as a leader in regional car-sharing solutions. This growth strategy not only targets financial success but also aligns with the startup’s commitment to a more sustainable and efficient urban transport model.

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